About Us

TriPride was formed in October 2017, but has been brewing for quite a while longer. The consensus was that the time was right for the Tri-Cities, TN to host their own Pride event. Leveraging the LGBTQ social network, a few folks got together and came up with a plan of action.

Basing our organization heavily off of Knoxville Pride’s example, we developed our charter and applied for our non-profit status. TriPride’s leadership is a diverse group of folks from the Tri-Cities that share a common vision — a great Pride event in the Tri-Cities. Click here to learn more about TriPride’s board.

We are partnering with local businesses and chambers of commerce to build a lasting organization so the Tri-Cities can have a great Pride every year! If you would like to become involved as either a sponsor or in some other capacity, please click here.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: TriPride will produce a great, family-friendly event that celebrates inclusion, equality, community, and self-empowerment. Our pride event will feature a parade, a festival, and various after-hour venues for community participation.