Kenn loves mountains. He grew up in the Rockies of Colorado, spent most of his life in California with the Sierras, and the last ten years in Tennessee among the Appalachians. He has had a private practice doing energy healing and spiritual counseling for over 30 years.

One of his most profound and empowering personal experiences was moving to San Francisco at age 25 and attending his first Pride Parade. He was out and proud after that!

Locally, he helped produce the first large public LGBT gathering in the region and was instrumental in opening the door for the media to include the LGBT perspective on topics relating to our community.

Kenn is committed to creating an environment in the Tri Cities that is inclusive, empowering and accepting of the diverse people that make up our local LGBT community. He is honored and excited to be part of the next evolution of LGBT equality that TriPride TN represents.

He also loves sci-fi, super hero movies, and (no big surprise) dinosaurs!